Socialight App (FAQ)


How can I change my registered details such as e-Mail ID, contact number, Name, Business name & delivery address on the app?

Click on the menu icon in the top left of your screen, this will pop up a menu with user “profile” redirecting you to your details, here you can edit / Change any details and then clicking upload will change the respective details to the new given details.

How can I change/update delivery address.?

All the soft copies of the creatives will be delivered to your registered E-Mail ID, for print products you will have to mention shipping address for every order.


How can I order graphic image requirement?

After logging in to your account you will find previous order lists (If ordered) you can find yellow button below “create a new task” click on the button you will redirected to order form, fill in all required details and click the below button titled “Let's get started” and this will place your order

How can I order Printing requirement/ Hard copies of the creatives?

Click on the right side bottom button (black circle with “plus” symbol) and click on “Swish Prints” option, this will redirect you to our print products, where you can choose from a wide variety of personalised product and order from there

Where do I mention specific requirements about logo, website, printing?

click on the button “create a new task” on the bottom of your screen, you will be redirected to order form, fill all required details and there is text box “Content box” type all relevant information, theme, colour specification, layout pattern or any related information and click on the “let’s get started” button , and this will place your order.

How can I check my order status?

All your orders will be listed in home page after login, you can find orders in filtered to be latest to oldest , if order is marked with a “yellow dot” that means order is processing, once completed, it will be marked with a “green dot”

How long it will take to deliver my order?

Delivery time is dependent on requirement, logo or any single page creatives will be delivered in 3 working days after placing order, and you can chat with our customer care executive to check exact delivery time. Print product take a maximum of 7 working days, although we will deliver them as soon as possible.

Can I get confirmation of order acceptance or notification after delivery of my order?

Can I get confirmation of order acceptance or notification after delivery of my order?

How i get proof-copy for approval?

Once the order is placed, our team will design the creatives, and it will be delivered for primary approval to registered Email ID, post your approval final copy will be delivered to the same.

Can I place multiple orders at a time?

Yes, every time you wish to order a new requirement, go to create new tasks and fill details, you can place multiple orders at a time.

How can I specify a delivery Date and time for urgent requirements?

You have 2 possibilities to communicate your expected delivery time and date, mention expected date and time of delivery in content box at the time of ordering, or chat with our team and mention expected date and time of delivery. We will do our best to ensure your requirements will be delivered by the specified time.

How can I see my previous order details?

All your previous orders will be listed in home page, you can click on particular order and you can see left side at top “i” marked circle button, click on the button you can see your order details


What are the payment options available to pay for my order?

What are the payment options available to pay for my order?

How can I pay for my order?

As we are serving on pre-paid retainership model, all payments are protected by “Razorpay” you can select wide options such as net banking, credit card, debit card, e-wallets etc

I am not GST registered can I still order and pay.?

Yes if you are not organisation and individual consumer, you can place order and pay by choosing any of our payment options

Cancellation or Modification

Can I change or modify my order?

All creative designs orders can be modified and changed before final approval, print products can’t be changed or modified once processed to printing.

Can I cancel my order?

Once the order is placed, our experts will start working on your requirements such as design and creative development, hence once placed your order cannot be, HOwever print orders can be cancelled within 1 hour of placing them, post this your order can’t be cancelled.


Can I get a refund for my cancelled orders?

Refund parameters differ from order to order, kindly contact our customer care for more details on refunds

When and how I will get refund.?

In case your refund has been approved, it will be credited to you registered bank account within 7 working days.

Is there any deduction or fees for cancelled orders?

once order placed, our team will start to work on it, however unless we put manpower effort to fulfil your order we don’t charge you anything, if order is processed then there will be nominal amount of fees will be charged. Print product order can’t be cancelled/refunded once processed.


How can I raise any complaint respective to my order?

On the top left of your screen you will find your profile and reports, billing and “Help & feedback” click on this write order details and concerns our customer care team will sort out the issues related you order.

How can I get in touch with the customer care ?

Click on your order regarding which you wanted to communicate to our team, you will get an option below the order “changes/suggestion” button click on that and start conversation with our experts.


My query or concern not listed in any of the option to whom I have to contact?

On left top options menu you will find your profile and reports, billing and “Help & feedback” click on this and select feedback/queries. Write order details and concerns/complaint/suggestion to which our customer care will get in touch with you.